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Feet Under The Table Feet Under The Table Feet Under The Table Feet Under The Table Feet Under The Table
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An introduction to Feet Under The Table

What’s Feet Under The Table?
It’s all about the erotic action that involves feet under the table, the so called “playing footsies”. Wikipedia defines it as “A practice in which two people use their feet to play with each other's feet”.
In this page i'll try to give you an introduction to this site. If you see a "show/hide text" button, it means there is more to read, just click there to show the rest.
Feet Under The TableThis kind of situation has always been my huge erotic fantasy but when, years ago, i tried to look for videos about this on the web, i found myself lost: there was no place to get these kind of scenes, even if i knew that there were lots of them in mainstream movies, tv series, tv advertisement and even in some music videos. So i created a Yahoo Group, in the hope to find someone who could have my same interest in footsie scenes...after a while a lot of people joined it, so i had to create a second Yahoo Group because the first was filled up with videos...then it became clear that we all needed a web site. It was October 3rd 2002 when the website showed up online for the first time.

During these years i’ve broaden a bit the subject of the site: i changed it from just footsies to foot seduction scenes. Any kind of scene where a woman seduces a man with her feet, knowing that her feet are a huge turn on for some guys, get listed here.
Feet Under The TableSince the beginning i’ve tried to focus just on this, so i never put on this site scenes like “footsie in bed” because in that kind of scenes there is no seduction.

So yes, if you are still wandering, this is a foot fetish site! But, as for everything in life, each foot fetishist has his own “thing” that he likes, and this site doesn’t want to cover every aspect of foot fetishism.

However, there is a lot more than just foot seduction scenes here... just keep reading this page or start exploring the menu here on the left and you’ll see.

What can i find in Feet Under The Table?
The easiest way to tell you is to describe the main sections of the site, as listed on the menu here on the left:

I try to put new foot seduction material on the site once a week (i’ve been doing reguralry since more than 5 years now...), and each time you’ll find a summary of the update here. You can also read here all the past updates, so that you can catch up if you didn’t visit the site for a while. Other parts of the site are updated even more often, so here you can also see the latest changes on “The Fetish Expo” (updated every one or two days), latest Forum posts and recent blog messages.
Nyllady’s Page
When i started this website i’ve never thought one day i would have been able to dedicate a part of it to my wife. I was single at that time. Then, the 22nd of October 2005, i got married to the woman of my dreams.
NylladyWe are deeply in love and, knowing that i would have been proud and happy to show a bit of her beauty online, she made a few videos...then a few pictures, all by herself. One thing lead to another and now...well, there is quite a lot of material here and if you search for Nyllady on Google you’ll found lots of pages linking to her videos on YouTube. She’s of course flattered by all this...and we are not going to stop ;-)
Each update gets its own little preview picture, title and a description written by her. You find them ordered by the date we created the material (so not the date i’ve put it online), with the newest one always on top.
The Fetish Expo
I’m on the web since more than 10 years now, and in all this time i’ve learned the differences between a free adult site and a pay one. At first i thought best things on the internet were free (and perhaps 10 years ago this was true), but then i joined one pay site and changed my idea.
The Fetish Expo - Nylon FantasiesA good pay site can give you what a free site can’t: high quality content always updated, content on request, full videos, full photosets, and all of this sometimes for as low as 1$. The difficult part? Find the right one for you and avoid joining a bad one.
We all have slightly different tastes and there are really thousands of pay sites out there. Moreover, sometimes a pay site is just bad. Bad content, not enough updates, no customer support... you end up feeling like your money got stolen. I’ve had my bad experiences and i’ve learned from my mistakes. But at that time there wasn’t much i could do besides joining a site and try it, judging only from the often brief and small preview they gave.
Noone out there was ready to help me, to give me a honest review, some sample content. Surely there were some sites offering reviews, but people who were writing them were NOT foot fetishists: how could they know what i liked? How could they give me a good advice?
So when Feet Under The Table started to get some serious traffic numbers (average of 1.5 million pages viewed each month), i thought that maybe this could be somehow interesting for those pay sites. I started asking them for some sample material, in exchange of a honest review of their site.
That’s when i created “The Fetish Expo”: reviews, free photo and video sets from a lot of great paysites.
See this as your guide in the web of paysites, as a free test drive on many of the best websites around there. Sit back, read the review written by a foot fetishist like you, enjoy the photos and the videos and then decide if you want to join that site or choose another one. You’ll never join a bad site, you’ll never waste your money.
Fets - The Fetish ExpoI choose which sites to put there, often thanks to some of your posts on the forum: you put a photo there coming from a site i didn’t know about, i immediatly go and visit that site, considering it for a review.
As i told you, reviews are writtien by foot fetishists just like you (mainly by me but i’ve asked a few selected people to help me) so you can be sure to find there just websites that can interest you. Moreover, for some of them i’ve managed to obtain an interview with one of their models. And i can assure you that it’s really interesting to know a little bit more of this women we always dream about. To immediatly know what you can find inside a website review page, look at those little icons in the main index: each one tells you if you can read the review, see some photo sets, some video sets or read an interview.
Footsie Videos
This is where i collect all those scenes the site is about: women seducing men using their feet. Those scenes come from mainstream movies, tv series, music videos and adverts.
Foot on crotch from Nyllover.comEvery video (duration can be from a few seconds to a few minutes) is freely downloadable from Rapidshare, eMule and, for a week per month (in rotation), directly from the main site. For each of the videos i've tried to give some more details such has the title of the movie (in various languages), the number and title of the Tv Series episode, the name of actors / actresses involved in that scene (thanks to your help), links to let you buy the whole movie / tv series directly online ( or eBay). Moreover you can give your personal opinion on each of these videos by casting a vote from 1 to 10.
Here you'll find the complete list of actors and actresses involved in any of the videos listed above, in alfabetical order. So you'll be able to immediatly locate all the scenes with your favourite one.
Ages ago the adult internet was all about pictures: movies were too big to download with the slow connections we had in those days. But even now a picture is often as enjoyable as a video, if not more. In this section you'll find pictures of women using their feet to seduce men (mostly footsies or, for the cartoon pictures, footjobs too) divided in these categories: Amateur & Candids, Professional Photos, Sexy & Hardcore, Comics & Draws, Fan Artwork, Magazines & Books, Celebrities and Videocaptures.
(Video) Candid & Posed
For foot fetishists like us, walking in the streets means, at one point or another, looking.down. We can find a woman with some sexy shoes to look at, or a woman dangling her shoe, dipping while waiting the bus...yes guys, i'm talking about shoeplay. This sometimes very natural movement for a woman that is a huge turn on for most of us.
I've always enjoyed (before getting married) taking candid videos. Most of the time at some motor shows in italy, but sometimes even in the streets. So i thought it would have been nice to share those videos on this site and i created the Candid section. After a while some of you started to authorize me in publishing your work on here, so the number of candid videos increased a lot. Later on some of you even sent me some posed videos...and that's why now the section is called "Candid & Posed". You can browse the videos by "Location" , "Author" or you can search for videos with the content you like by selecting some keywords (like shoeplay in general, dipping, dangling, naked feet, hosed feet and so on). Each video is, in the same way as the foot seduction scenes, freely downloadable from Rapidshare, eMule and, one week per month (in rotation), directly from the website. You can cast a vote from 1 to 10 exactly in the same way you can for the foot seducton videos and, if the author has a homepage, you will find the link to it on the video page.
Erotic stories: a place to let your fantasy create the pictures while reading.
I've started this section with stories people sent to the Yahoo Groups i created, then i added some stories i've found on the web in the last 10 years, later on i've added stories people sent me (even a full book is there!), then my wife helped me in translating some of them in english... so yes, there are a lot of them there, and all about foot seduction, sometimes with a little bit of domination too. Because sometimes we like to imagine things that we would never do in reality...
I can never stop saying that Feet Under The Table would not even exist without all the guys that in these years helped and supported me. Most of the website videos, pictures, stories come from people i've met on the web. People who, years ago, were only able to send that material to me in order to share it on the web. And that's why a forum is so much important here.
You can find there thousands of people sharing foot fetish stories, pictures and videos, talking about everything, asking for help, and much more. The forum has grown so much in these years that now there are some people there who don't even know the existance of the main website!
The main sections of the forum are:
  • Feet Under The Table: News
    All the news regarding the website and the forum

  • Feet Under The Table: Comments / Suggestions
    Anything regarding the website or the forum. This is the section to post complaints, comments, ideas, suggestions and so on

  • Feet Under The Table: Help / Requests
    If you need any kind of technical help, this is the section for you. Can't see a video? Look here and you'll probably find an answer... if not, just ask and someone will surely reply. Post here also all your requests regarding the forum: asking for a repost, looking for a peculiar video, and so on...

  • Using feet to seduce: Footsies scenes alert
    If you know a foot seduction scene that still isn't on the site, post a message about it here so that we can all start looking for it

  • Using feet to seduce: Discussions, comments
    Have some thoughts about foot seduction? Want to post a poll? Do it here

  • Using feet to seduce: Dreams, stories and reality
    Write here your dreams, your stories, your experiences of footsie or other situations where a foot had been used to seduce

  • Using feet to seduce: Footsie videos from unknown source
    You can find (and download) here those videos that can't be on the main site before we know the name of the film, series, or whatever it is. Help me to discover where they come from!

  • Using feet to seduce: Pictures & Videos
    One of the busiest sections of the forum... people are free to post here any pictures or videos where there is a woman who uses her feet on a man.... so yes, if you are looking for footjobs (pervert! eheheh) come here...

  • Foot Fetish: General Foot Fetish Scenes alert
    If you want to alert people about a great foot fetish scene you saw on tv or the cinema, post the details here and we'll all look for it.

  • Foot Fetish: Let's talk about it
    As i told you before, Feet Under The Table doesn't want to cover all the different areas of foot fetishism, and that's why this section is here: to talk and discuss anything related to foot fetish.

  • Foot Fetish: Pictures & Videos
    This is where you can find pictures and videos where there are no men involved. A woman foot is our dream, isn't it? So come here to see it...

  • Pictures & Videos: Live & Candid
    It's always exciting to see live (in tv or in real life) something exciting... and that's why we all love videos and pictures taken live on tv or in real life (with the subjeact unaware of us taking photos)... believe me, you can find in this section some of the best foot fetish candid photos of the web...

  • Pictures & Videos: Celebrities
    You can find here celebrities pictures and videos that don't fit in the other sections.
and some more...
You can see almost everything there without being a member but, if you want to be part of our community and have real fun, i suggest you to join it and start posting messages. I ask you only one thing before you do it: read the rules. Foot fetish is a big world and that forum doesn't want to cover everything. Me and the moderators created the rules in order to restrict the forum to a certain kind of foot fetishism (in a few words, the one without any kind of violence) and, moreover, to try to avoid any legal troubles to the forum. the rules, join the forum and start having real fun! ;-)
According to wikipedia a Blog is "a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order". I've started one a while ago, just to see what it was like. Now i write a new message there at least once a week (with the latest update on the site) and, every now and then, i also write about news related to what i like most (feet, high heel shoes, stockings, pantyhose, shoeplay), i put there interviews to adult website models that i manage to obtain and many other things... if you want to always be updated about Feet Under The Table or just read something perhaps interesting (i hope) every now and then, just visit it reguralry or subscribe to its RSS feed (if you don't know how to do i or what RSS is, read the Google guide here).
How much do i have to pay?
This is a question i get asked a lot, especially from people i give the link to in chat or in normal life.
For you this site is totally free. I believe that a site like this must remain free for many reasons. First of all because i don't produce most of the content here. How could i profit from videos made by other people? Another reason is that i see this as a community, not as a website of my own. Yes i manage all of this, yes i'm responsible of everything but...where would i be without your help? Where would i be if you guys would stop sending me pictures, videos or stories? This site would just not exist without your help, so how could i ask you to pay money to visit it?

Actually, the only one who is paying money for this site is... me.

A website like this costs money to maintain guys. The era of "free" internet ended long time ago, noone can now afford to host a big site like this (with this amount of traffic) without asking money. I pay 120$ each month (it's about three years now, you do the maths) to the company who is hosting the server where Feet Under The Table is, and i work for the site about 15 hours each week. But i do it because it gives me lots of happiness to see how this is all going. So don't worry: this site will never be a pay site. The only thing i ask you is, if you want, to consider joining any of the paysites advertised around Feet Under The Table or reviewed in The Fetish Expo. Another way for you to help me is shopping on or eBay using the links provided on this page. Your shopping there won't cost anything more, but about 0.5% of what you spend will go to me.