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Complete archive

Christmas Video26.12.2009 - A late Christmas gift (FULL HD VIDEO)
Looking at a little funny Christmas Tree we have i had the idea to make a small video... just my feet, in suntan hose, playing with a small shoe...enjoy it ;-)
New shoes04.10.2009 - Beige Suede Shoes
Just bought a new pair of shoes and... felt like showing them off a bit...
Shower with pantyhose12.09.2009 - Shower with pantyhose
This time i decided to make a video a bit... different. I went in the shower with pantyhose on and... you'll see! Download the full video here
Bluemarine09.08.2009 - Blumarine
A gorgeus new dress, some sexy stockings... anything better to feel beautiful?
Shoeplay!21.06.2009 - Jeans, Black Hose, Shoeplay!
Just coming back from work... i remove my jacket, sit on a stool and relax, watching tv. My pink heels kinda hurt so... i start playing with my shoes....revealing my black hosed feet... this is just a preview though... the complete video is 6 minutes long so... download the full video here!
Footsies in a public place10.05.2009 - Footsies in a public place
I would have never thought one day i would have made a video like this but... we were at the restaurant... and i was feeling a bit... "brave"... so.. i decided to ask my husband to record a video first while i was playing with my shoes and....after changing place... while i put my foot on his crotch... download the full video here!
From shorts to pantyhose and heels04.04.2009 - From shorts to pantyhose and heels
Watch me as i choose a pair of sexy shoes, remove my white shorts, put on pantyhose and heels... watch my legs... my feet... so close... i know it makes you hot... download the full video here!
Ass and feet all over his body21.03.2009 - Ass and feet all over his body
Wearing just black pantyhose and lingerie i drive my man crazy by rubbing his body with my ass and feet... what you can get here is just a preview, get the full video at my new video store!
Shoeplay At The Malle15.02.2009 - New pantyhose
Bought this new pantyhose... i think they look really great, don't you?
Shoeplay At The Malle17.01.2009 - Orange sandals
Just my legs in pantyhose and my feet in orange sandals...simple but i hope you'll still appreciate it ;-)
Shoeplay At The Malle10.01.2009 - Pantyhose and shoeplay under the sun
At the side of a motorway, in our car, with my legs outside... pantyhose, high heels and shoeplay...
Shoeplay At The Malle25.12.2008 - Black stockings (pictures)
The second photoshoot taken by TheNoces, Passione Piedi's official photographer... i think he's really a good photographer, what's your opinion?
Shoeplay At The Malle08.12.2008 - Shoeplay At The Mall (part 2)
If i am wearing a denim miniskrt, 8den nude pantyhose and black pumps...and with this part the video is complete...
White Stockings And Coat16.11.2008 - White stockings and coat
Bought a new coat for this winter...a white one. So...thought to take some photos with it...and oh... white stockings too ;-)
Shoeplay At The Malle09.11.2008 - Shoeplay At The Mall (part 1)
If i am wearing a denim miniskrt, 8den nude pantyhose and black pumps...why shouldn't i make a bit of a shoeplay show?
Black Stockings02.11.2008 - Black stockings
The second photoshoot taken by TheNoces, Passione Piedi's official photographer. This is a video taken while he was taking the pics.
Nyllady rubs her feet26.10.2008 - Yellow Pantyhose photos
These are the photos that TheNoces, Passione Piedi's official photographer, took of me... i made some Photoshop work on them... hope you'll like them!
Nyllady rubs her feet19.10.2008 - Rubbing my tired feet
After some shopping in high heels my feet get tired... so i often give them a rub when we come back to the car. This time my husband had his camera with him...
Nyllady Yellow Pantyhose12.10.2008 - Yellow pantyhose
This is a short video my husband took while i was doing a photoshoot with TheNoces, the professional photographer who takes all the photos for Passione Piedi. It was real fun!
Nyllady black bodystocking05.10.2008 - Black bodystocking (orange wall)
Second part of the black bodystocking photoset...this time on an orange background
Nyllady black bodystocking28.09.2008 - Black bodystocking (on the table)
I just love this bodystocking! Don't you think it suits my body?
Nyllady At the seaside21.09.2008 - At the seaside
A short video we made at the seaside about a month ago... the quality could have been better...but my husband made a mistake with a camera setting...
Nyllady Antique Photos14.09.2008 - Antique (photos)
A few pics i took the same day i made the "Antique" video
Tarkan Kuzu Kuzu Videoclip06.09.2008 - Tarkan "Kuzu Kuzu" videoclip
This is sort of an experiment... i really like this i made two videos while dancing...and this is sort of a "preview", in the form of a videoclip
Nyllady Leopard Pantyhose30.08.2008 - Leopard Pantyhose
I bought this peculiar pantyhose that make me look like...a i took some photos in them... And remember that... you can have this pantyhose if you want...just contact me ;-)
Nyllady Antique23.08.2008 - Antique
I was feeling a bit... classy that day. So i decided to make this video... I have pantyhose on... and that candle needed a rub...
Nyllady Barefoot16.08.2008 - Barefoot
For once... some barefoot pictures. It doesn't happen a lot because well... i love nylon but... i want to know what you think about my feet!
Nyllady feet on crotch09.08.2008 - Feet on crotch (part 2)
Here's the second part of this video... shoes are already off... my feet are still on my husband's crotch and...well... you can see HOW MUCH he likes it... ;-)
Nyllady in black03.08.2008 - Posing in myself
The other day i was all alone at home... so i decided to dress in black and take some photos... what do you think?
Nyllady feet on crotch08.06.2008 - Feet on crotch
This time i decided to be a bit more naughty... in this video you'll see (and hear!) my new high heel shoes and... me driving Nyllover crazy... ;-)
Nyllady photos20.03.2008 - First photos in the new house
We just moved to a new house, so i thought of surprising my husband by taking some pictures by myself
Nyllady secretary footplay in the office31.12.2007 - Secretary footplay in the office
I'm in my office... my feet are tired inside my boots...time to give them some fresh air and a massage...don't you think?
Nyllady in pink25.12.2007 - Some kind of pink pantyhose
As a Christmas gift... i'm doing some exercises while trying some different kind of pink pantyhose... in the end... some pleasure for my husband too ;-)
Nyllady rubbing nyllover's crotch23.09.2007 - Shoeplay while reading a book
Nothing is more relaxing than reading a book... especially if i can jump on a table and kick off my shoes...
Nyllady rubbing nyllover's crotch23.09.2007 - Shoeplay behind the wardrobe
I was getting ready for our next video...i told my husband to start recording and decided to play a little bit with my shoes...
Nyllady rubbing nyllover's crotch13.05.2007 - A lot of my feet's pictures
The same afternoon we recorded those three videos, we also made a lot of they are, hope you like them! ...well, to be fair the first two pictures are of some months before, on my car :-)
Nyllady rubbing nyllover's crotch13.05.2007 - Rubbing my husband's crotch with my hosed feet
I may have said this before but...would you like to be in my husband's place now? ;-)
Nyllady puts on her new rht stockings13.05.2007 - Putting on my new RHT Stockings
I bought this RHT stockings... how do you like them?
Nyllover removes nyllady's shoes13.05.2007 - Nyllover removes my shoes
Perhaps some of you guys would like to do what my husband does in this video? ;-)
Nyllady trying some shoes24.02.2007 - Trying some shoes...
As i think you all noticed, when we are in a shoe store i usually like to try on sexy shoes, even if then i'm not going to buy them... i just like to model them for my husband...
Nyllady foot massage28.01.2007 - My husband gives me a foot massage
I love when we are watching a movie on the couch and my husband gives me a foot massage... and he likes it a lot too, especially when i'm wearing black pantyhose ;-)
Nyllady pantyhose photos13.01.2007 - Various photos
Some photos i took myself and we never put online, some photos we took together at the seaside and a couple of other pictures...
Nyllady for christmas24.12.2006 - Merry Christmas and Happy 2007! Nyllady shoeplay in red stockings12.12.2006 - Shoeplay in red stockings
I bought a pair of red stockings...and i decided to do some shoeplay...
Nyllady removing her boots19.11.2006 - Removing my boots
Red miniskirt, black pantyhose with pattern on back and high heel red boots... why shouldn't i take a video of myself removing them?
Nyllady foot teasing in the car05.11.2006 - Playing in the car
This is a video i took with my mobile phone while my husband was driving with my feet all over him... next time i plan on do it i promise i'll bring the videocamera ;-)
Nyllady new pantyhose18.10.2006 - New Pantyhose In The Sun
Just recently i've bought some new pantyhose... we went to our country house and... played a bit!
Nyllady footjob15.08.2006 - Playing with my husband
This is the first video we took of...well... footsie of course... but in bed ;-)
Nyllady pantyhose modeling15.07.2006 - The first... "modeling"
Yes, i was my husband's model for the first time...what do you think?
Nyllady foot fetish photos07.05.2006 - The first photos taken by my husband
Nyllady footjob to a lamp26.03.2006 - Footjob to a lamp... Nyllady Sexy Pantyhose Photos23.03.2006 - More sexy shots
Nyllady Sexy Secretary Shoeplay29.01.2006 - Sexy Secretary Shoeplay
Just trying to be a good secretary and a good shoeplayer...what do you think? ;-)
Nyllady Foot Fetish Photos29.01.2006 - Some sexy shots
Taking photos of myself is something i like to do..especially if that excites my husband!
Nyllady Trying Some Shoes14.01.2006 - Trying some shoes
A video my husband took while i was trying some shoes that he loves
Nyllady just married footsie pictures22.10.2005 - Just Married
Three pictures we took just after the wedding...